We offer the best services at the best prices around. Call us today! 706-587-5183. Residential, and commercial services.


Residential and Commercial Pool service. We only employ CPO certified technicians to maintain your pool. Does your current company follow the same strict standards as us?


We service Columbus, Ga and surrounding areas! We offer services such as Weekly pool maintenance, liner repairs and replacement, filter replacements, sand changes, pool safety covers, drain and cleans, winter covers, chemical needs

 and so much more!


Service rates are at a $75 per hour charge. One time cleanings, small repairs, info sessions all have a minimum of $75 to start, which covers the first hour of labor. Parts, chemicals, and time beyond the first hour are added costs.


Residential service varies, as low as $150 per month for weekly service

Commercial service varies, as low as $300 per month for weekly service, and as low as $500 per month for twice a week service.

Common repairs and prices:

Winterize and cover, with already owned safety cover, on a pool that is cleaned, and balanced. The start price is $150. Cleanings, chemical adjustments, tarp covers, etc. will increase from base price.

Sand change - average price is $200-$250.  

Liner replacement average base price for 16x32 Grecian $2,950. We do not use sub par liner manufacturers, We offer Latham, and GLI options, for the highest quality, and longest lasting liners. 

Drain and clean average is $500

Pump motor replacement average cost for a 3/4 hp is $325

This is just a small list of the costs, and repairs that we offer, contact us today for a free estimate for your repair, or service.

* All prices are approximate, and may change at any time. These are not quoted prices. Location, and unusual situations will change most of these prices.